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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What services do you offer?  

Answer: We offer an every-other week food supplement to households, a monthly “shopping” experience, emergency financial assistance when available (up to 1x/year), social work assistance, seasonal flu shots, a year-end holiday gift card program, a backpack program at the beginning of each school year, job resource assistance, and other programs throughout the year.

Question: How can I get food?

Answer: Come to the Cupboard and fill in an Intake Form.  The form requires basic information: name, address, household member’s names and birthdates, total household income, special dietary needs, and some information regarding your work status, finances, etc.  When complete, you will sit down with our director to go over your paperwork and address any questions you have. Click here for more information.

Question: When can I get food?

Answer: If you are a client, you can come to the Cupboard and sign in with the volunteer outside on a Monday or Wednesday, every other week (depending on your last name). You will be added to the waiting list and your order will be packed according to the order in which you arrived.

Question: When can I visit the Boutique?  

Answer: The boutique is open Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 a..m. - 11:30 a.m. by appointment. Clients may shop once a month for 15 mins for the entire family. New clients can start visiting the boutique after they have received food service two times.

Question: I want to organize a food drive. How do I get started?

Answer: The first step is to call us at (215) 628-3002 to determine the items we currently need. We can also give you tips to make your food drive a success!

Question: How can I make a donation?

Answer: There are many ways to donate! You can donate cash, cryptocurrency, through United Way, or via Paypal. Click here to learn about all of the ways you can support our work.

Question: What types of donations do you accept?  


Answer: Food, clothing, and monetary donations are accepted.  We accept all shelf stable food and non-food items you would find in a grocery store.  

  • Food has to be unopened and not expired.  

  • We do not accept homemade food – there has to be an expiration date on the item.

  • We will accept seasonal clothing that is freshly washed and in very good condition ONLY.  

  • Buttons and zippers must work properly.  

  • No stains or rips.  

  • Shoes must be new or almost new. 

  • We prefer to only accept 2 bags at a time.  

  • We do not accept: Furniture, TVs, computers, suitcases, car seats, cribs or any children’s gear that may have a safety recall.  No children’s toys or books at this time.  No large housewares or décor.  NO STUFFED ANIMALS. 


Donors are encouraged to donate the items we do not accept at Liberty Thrift or New Life Thrift. 

Question: When can I drop off donations?


Answer: Food and clothing (ONLY) may be dropped off Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9am-2pm. Produce can be dropped off early on food service days (Mondays and Wednesdays). You can ring the buzzer by the red door and someone will greet You to take and weigh your donations. 

Question: Do you pick up clothing and household items?  


Answer: No – we don’t often have the volunteer power to handle remote pick ups.  

Question: I want to volunteer. How can I sign up?

Answer: Fill our our volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch soon!

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